“We’re here to inspire people to reconnect and focus on what truly matters.”

House of Essence

A green and sacred space to reconnect with yourself and the people around you. A place that’s now more important than ever – for you to let go of all the daily stress and become one with nature again. That’s what Romy and Michelle are creating – their House of Essence. These two ladies strongly believe that you can only connect with others once you connect and believe in yourself. Romy shares their story with us.


Tell us more about House of Essence

House of Essence is a holistic center in The Hague, in the making. It’s a place that combines health, spirituality and sustainability. A place where we invite people to dive deeper into themselves and reconnect with their essence. A place where being is valued over doing and where you can slow down, experience and discover.

What inspired you to start House of Essence?

The idea for House of Essence came to me while I was in Bali, traveling and working as a digital nomad, but secretly on the search for myself. For most of my life, I had the belief that living a meaningful life could only be achieved by working hard. Yet, nothing ever felt as if it was enough. Until I dared to dive deeper, leaving these old beliefs behind and started truly listening to my heart. During my travels, I found a place where I felt more connected to myself than ever before. It was a place where I could recharge, reconnect and discover more about myself and the world around me. A place where I could create from a state of flow and allowing, instead of forcing myself to achieve things (and being stressed out most of the time..). With House of Essence, I want to share this feeling with others. I’ve experienced myself that when you connect to your deeper self, you become more conscious of your own needs, but also those of the world around you. And that’s exactly what I believe we need in this day and age.

In what way will House of Essence contribute to the wellbeing of people?

We’re so used to living these fast paced lives that stress levers are higher than ever and many people feel disconnected from themselves. This is leading to burn outs and even illnesses. House of Essence is here to inspire people to live their lives differently, reconnect and focus on what truly matters. We’re offering a space to nourish body, mind, soul and the planet, contributing to people’s overall wellbeing. In practical sense, the physical location will offer holistic classes, workshop and activities; from your typical yoga class to deep dives into the soul. We’re also creating (online) programmes to provide a step by step guide around certain themes such as self love, confidence and radiance.

Why do you think it’s necessary for people to reconnect with their innerselves?

Ha, probably already answered this one along the way, but let’s dive in one more time. In our society where everything goes so fast all the time, we often forget to pause and just be. We’ve lost the connection to who we truly are and who we came here to be. I believe we all have a soul’s mission to fulfill here on earth, but that does require us to reconnect to ourselves and truly listen to what we need to live our lives consciously and create the best life we can dream of, for ourselves, the people around us and our planet.

What’s your mission?

Our mission is to create a tipping point. According to research, you need about 25% to create a tipping point and change the direction of a society. Some even say it’s less. So for now, as we’re focussing on The Netherlands, our mission is to reach 5 million people to live a more conscious lifestyle. That sounds like a lot, but we don’t have to do it alone of course as people inspire each other daily.

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Pics House of Essence
May 2021