“We’re characterized by positive activism – we focus on what you cán do.”

The Present

Connecting entrepreneurial people to initiatives that support refugees – that’s what The Present movement is realizing. Creating a place where it’s possible to connect the two – for The Present believes everyone wants to contribute. The movement ensures that everyone’s expertise is put to the best of use by matching you with a fitting initiative or project. This way both parties involved will be able to do what they’re good at. The Present tells us more about their awesome mission.


Who founded The Present and what inspired him to do so?

Marnix Geus founded The Present in 2017. After visiting the island of Lesvos and the refugee camps there, he decided it was time to be part of the solution. He realized that there were already a lot of great initiatives and people making a difference, so rather than starting another organisation, he decided to support the existing organisations. Being an entrepreneur himself, he mobilized his network and its entrepreneurial power to support existing organisations by donating expertise and resources. This laid the foundation for The Present. We are currently expanding our focus from refugees to other groups as well, but our roots lie here.



In what way does The Present make a difference?

The Present makes a difference by making it possible to contribute to complex social issues. We make people aware of how they can contribute, and also allow people to contribute in a way that suits them best. Moreover, The Present is characterized by positive activism – we focus on what you can do, instead of the difficulties.

What’s your mission?

We want to contribute to SDG 10 – reduced inequalities. Part of the way we work, and therefore our mission, is to mobilize all entrepreneurs to contribute to social causes.



What are you most proud of so far?

We are very proud of our new brandmovie! This was gifted to us by Robert-Jan Glas, a wonderful film producer who created this powerful movie pro bono. He is a wonderful example of what entrepreneurs can do when they use their skills and expertise for a social purpose. Check it out right here!



How can someone reading this help your initiative?

We are always looking for energetic, hands-on people who want to get involved. If you sign up via our website, we will get in touch with you to see how you can contribute to social initiatives!


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May 2021