The magic of (sustainable) giving


How often do you receive a gift that you don’t really need? And in what way does that gift actually contribute to your own well-being or that of the planet? Linda Sibie asked herself these questions a few years ago when she was overwhelmed with gifts that she actually didn’t need. Linda decided to create WeDunia, an online platform where you can make a sustainable wish list to share with others. A great and necessary initiative – Linda shares her story with us.


How did WeDunia come about?

WeDunia is an initiative that encourages WorldWise gifts. WeDunia is committed to making the gifts that we love to give to each other more sustainable. You don’t necessarily need many of the gifts you get. How often do you, your partner or your child receive a gift that makes a positive contribution to what is so vital to all of us: our planet and its inhabitants? Probably far too little. I, Linda Sibie, have therefore created an online sustainable wish list to ensure that more gifts are given that enrich and cherish our world and its inhabitants. WeDunia wants to inspire to make donation, activities, second-hand and impactful gifts the norm. After living in Bali for years, surrounded by the simplicity and magic of life, co-founder Martina Andermatt and I fell in love with a minimalist and mindful lifestyle.



Why is it so important to look at (giving) gifts in a different way?

As mothers of young children, we know how often you get a gift that you don’t necessarily need or that isn’t sustainable. The culture of giving is not always about material things, there is so much more. With a passion for sustainability, we want to inspire parents, children and schools with valuable gift alternatives that make an impact for people & nature. From the moment you are born you are often given way too many gifts and things. I also experienced this during my pregnancy in Bali. Traveling and living in Bali where our children grew up made me much more aware of the impact our consumption has on our magical world. Seeing a beach littered with rubbish and coral disappearing makes me sad. During my pregnancy I received many gifts, things that I did not need and had not asked for. This could be different, right? When our daughter was given a piece of adopted rainforest for her birth, I knew it could be done differently. The magic of giving and receiving gifts, but in such a way that we burden our world (Dunia means world in Indonesian) and others with it as little as possible. Our children grow up with WeDunia proof gifts and this mindset translates into all kinds of choices that we make. Giving a piece of rainforest, adopting coral or a turtle, donating stuffed animals, an invitation for a play date in combination with making someone’s favorite meal and wrapping second-hand and passing on gifts are very normal in Bali.


In what ways do you make a difference when it comes to
awareness and climate?

On our ‘Browse Gift Inspiration’ page we already have more than 50 initiatives/gift alternatives that are good for you and our planet. You can easily add them to your sustainable wish list or share them using the WorldWise Gift Cards. There is room on the sustainable wish list for sharing your values regarding gift giving, so that you can share how you want to prevent waste and which WorldWise goals you are passionate about. With the gift cards, WeDunia wants to make giving donations, activities, second-hand and passing on gifts more fun and above all easier. That way you always have a WorldWis gift at home.



What is your mission?

Every celebration WorldWise, without waste and doubt about what you will bring. Together we make WorldWise Gifts the norm and breathe new life into the essence of gift giving and our oceans. Because for every user and product, WeDunia adopts coral to actively contribute to restore underwater ecosystems and prevent them from disappearing.



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January 2022