“Plastics are, just like diamonds, forever.”

Plastic Soup Foundation

Plastic soup. We hear about it every day and yet most of us seem to wonder what it actually is. What exactly does this plastic soup entail and what does it do to us, animals and the planet? Plastic Soup Foundation was established more than ten years ago to stop the plastic soup tsunami as quickly as possible. Raising awareness  of what damage plastic causes, however, is just as important. Plastic Soup Foundation shares with us what their mission is.

Who founded Plastic Soup Foundation and with what intention?

Plastic Soup Foundation was founded 10 years ago by Maria Westerbos. The concept of plastic soup was still virtually unknown back then, and it was time for that to change. One of the first goals was that everyone in the Netherlands had to know what the plastic soup was.



How big is the plastic problem for people, animals and the environment?

The plastic problem is huge and affects all aspects of society. Plastic affects human health, causes a lot of damage to animals, has been found in humans and animals and everywhere in the environment. From the deepest oceans to the highest mountains. While in nature all waste decays at some point, plastic is a permanent form of pollution. Plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, making it impossible to remove it from the environment and so it will stay there forever. Plastics are, just like diamonds, forever.



What is your approach?

We combat the plastic soup at its source, focusing on three main goals:

1. Prevent plastic from entering the environment.

2. Gathering and sharing knowledge about the dangers that plastic and the added additives pose to our health.

3. Achieve an absolute reduction in the production and use of plastic.

The Plastic Soup Foundation emphasizes the precautionary principle. Statements must be robust and correct, but even if something has not yet been fully proven, we insist on measures. We call for more research and work closely with many scientists from around the world.



What is your mission?

As long as the supply of plastic to our rivers, seas and oceans is not stopped, there is lots of work to be done. Our mission is therefore ‘No plastic in our water or our bodies’.

What are you most proud of so far?

Of our Beat the Microbead app that allows you to see in an instant whether there is plastic in your care products. But also of our other app: My Little Plastic Footprint, which allows you to go on a plastic diet.


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Pics – Plastic Soup Foundation
March 2021