So what if you not only have a  great idea during your coffee break, but actually create that idea using your coffee? Jimmy Östholm, founder of Vélosophy, turned his used coffee pods into an awesome looking bicycle. His brand not only uses recycled products, in fact, for every bike sold, Vélosphy donates a bicycle to girls in developing countries so they can go to school. We were able to ask Jimmy a few questions about his inspiring brand.


What inspired you to start Vélosophy?

I got my first bike at the age of five, and I still remember my first pedaling stroke, how my world became bigger. When I was 13 I built my first bike, together with my dad and ever since I’ve been in love with bikes. Used them all my life, as a kid, at the university and when becoming an adult, I guess it was just a matter of time, timing and opportunity before I started a bicycle company. As for inspiration, I have to say an article I read about the importance of bikes in the developing world – how a bike literally could be the difference between coming to school or not, or even between life and death. That insight gave me the purpose and the push to start this company, to start Vélosophy.

In what way does Vélosophy contribute to a better planet?

On a general level I think we do it by acknowledging that our society is up for some real challenges and customers increasingly expect companies to do something about it, so it’s fundamentally the right thing to do. On a daily basis our do-good-ability approach is reflected when sourcing with circularity in mind and using recycled aluminium as far as possible – but also when collaborating with companies equally committed to do good with a sustainable planet in mind.

BUT we also do it when we donate a bicycle to a schoolgirl in a developing country, for every Vélosophy sold. Giving girls in developing countries a bike had a major impact on these girls life, bringing them hope of a better future. When girls have access to school and education it has proven to be a key in the fight against poverty. So when we empower girls, two wheels at the time, we are part of something even bigger, literally putting wheels in motion.



What are you most proud of?

No doubt our one for one promise. That was a major decision and it has defined us from day one.
You can take away everything else but that one thing is a lasting achievement that I’m really proud of.
For me it makes all the difference.



Do you have any advice or tips for young entrepeneurs who want to start a (sustainable) brand?

Hm … What advice can one give? As success is hardly a guarantee I’d say: create your company around a purpose that YOU believe is important. Because then, if nothing else, you have followed your heart – and that is almost always right. That said, I’d say: try to solve real problems for people – and real challenges for society.



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Aug 2020