“Only when we work together we can really make a meaningful change.”


 EarthToday launched a nice campaign on Earth Day, making it possible for you to protect a piece of land to give back to Mother Earth. This way, EarthToday hopes to raise awareness on the state of the planet and accelerate nature protection meter by meter.  On their content platform, community members can view their actual protected m2 of nature and engange with educating content. A great and necessary initiave about which we wanted to know more.

Who founded EarthToday?

The idea was sparked when Kees Zegers (founder of sailed around the world. On a deserted island he befriended climate activist Clemens Oestreich. When he arrived back in the Netherlands he involved another friend, entrepreneur Bas Verhart of DFFRNT Media, in the project. When Chiel Liezenberg (co-creator of iDEAL) also got on board, things started rolling.

In what way will EarthToday make a difference?

EarthToday not only increases awareness on the state of the planet on their global purpose portal,, but they also accelerate nature protection. EarthToday works with the Union of Nature Foundation, an international collaboration of nature protection organizations (NPOs) to make this happen. In our agreement with NPOs, we require that for each proof of protection sold on EarthToday, they have to take an additional m² into protection, of which the proof can be sold again on EarthToday. In this way we can accelerate. This is the first time that NPOs are working together within such a collaborative business model.

The m2 of nature are protected by the participating NPOs. Currently, the Union of Nature (UON) Foundation supports Rewilding Europe, with m2 in the Coa Valley in Portugal, WILD Foundation in with m2 in the Yawanawá land in Brazil, International Fund for Animal Welfare with m2 in Kitendon Corridor, Kenya and Foundation Rewilding Argentina with m2 in the Ibera Wetlands. We also work with Justdiggit (Africa), Peace Parks Foundations (Africa)  and Rainforest Trust (Central America). In the Netherlands, ARK Natuurontwikkeling is involved. UON is constantly expanding and continuously working on onboarding new members and nature areas.

Is there a target audience EarthToday is aiming for?

EarthToday aims to make nature protection accessible to all, because only when we work together we can really make a meaningful change. Young, old, models, scientists, musicians, activists, social entrepreneurs, influencers and everything in between. After all, the future of our planet is in all of our hands.

What’s your mission?

Our purpose – or mission – is to increase awareness on the state of the planet, and to accelerate nature protection at scale. Our community aims to substantially contribute to humanity’s collective challenge of protecting 50% of planet Earth by 2050 whilst pursuing Global Goals at the same time. This is our shared agenda for the next decades.

How can someone reading this help your initiative?

You can protect m2 of nature by donating €1.20 per m2 and you will receive a unique digital proof of protection registered to your name. This is facilitated on, where you can save and virtually visit the geo-location of ‘your’ m2 marked with EarthFlag, and are playfully introduced to inspiring and educational content about the protected nature area, its protecting organization and other contextually relevant information added to by its curators.


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April 2021