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The Pollinators

Striving for a healthy living environment for pollinating species – The Pollinators have been committed to this for years. The bees and butterflies in our landscape are having a really tough time. With their initiative, The Pollinators want to inspire people and make them aware of how big the problem really is. Pollinator Tosca van der Wouden tells us more about their necessary and inspiring community.


What do The Pollinators do?

We are a community and platform that is committed to more biodiversity, because the bee is not doing well. We look at everything from the perspective of the bee, the butterfly and other pollinating insects. The bees currently have almost no food left and that is why we feed the bee. There is a monoculture in both urban and rural areas – leaving almost no wildflowers or places to nest. Pollen and nectar in plants are therefore very difficult to find. By working with multiple organizations, we can really make a difference.

How do you support pollinators?

In our spring campaign, we all spread flower seeds to make an immediate impact. This way, you not only feed the bee, but you also plant a seed in people’s heads to make them aware of this problem. Hopefully, it will make people think about replacing their tiles in the garden with plants, for example. We follow nature, so we also have a beautiful campaign in the fall where we plant trees. The trees drop their seeds during this season. We have now renamed November to Treevember. We pay attention to food forests and trees in general. For example, we have developed tree bombs together with Staatsbosbeheer. Due to corona, unfortunately, last year was canceled, but this year we are also organizing Tree Fest, a festival where we plant trees and therefore also create food forests. We combine music with great workshops, the perfect day to contribute something together. In addition, we also organize days where people can just come along to see what we do, to get a feeling of what’s necessary, to hopefully pass on that awareness.

Why are The Pollinators now more important than ever?

As the saying goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago. The second best moment is now.” It’s always important! Since the 1970s, we have known that something has to be done to combat climate change. What we strive for is part of a larger whole, which is to monitor nature and climate. More nature and more trees is one of the biggest solutions. Through positive and fun actions we want to invite people to participate in this. Fortunately, we reach more and more people and we see our reach almost double every year.

How can people help The Pollinators?

That can be done in different ways. By signing up as a volunteer for one of our actions through our website. Spreading our seeds and our initiative naturally works very well. But also by sharing the importance of our actions and increasing awareness, for example through social media. And people can of course already start by replacing their tiles with more green!


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June 2021