“It’s all about learning who you are.”

The Slow Five with Sabrina Starke

Singer-songwriter Sabrina Starke has one of the nicest soul voices in The Netherlands and yet, this woman of soul has so much more to offer. Sabrina not only sings, she produces as well and is ambassador of self empowerment.  She is on a mission to inspire – not only with her music – but also with her project ART = MIND, a mindfulness program for music artists. Sabrina shares her idea of a conscious life with us.


What is your general idea of a conscious lifestyle?

A conscious lifestyle to me means being in touch with your personal needs. In tune with what you need to be happy & healthy, and applying that to your life.

In what way do you lead a conscious life regarding body, mind & soul?

I have been on a soul searching life for a while now. It’s all about learning who you are. I have read a lot of beautiful books that brought me a lot of inspiration and wisdom. Taking care of the body, mind & soul is part of my daily life.

When is comes to the body I invest a lot of effort into eating healthy. For me that’s plantbased food. The mind is the most challenging aspect of being human. To me that journey is more about quieting everything that does not serve you. Shutting down all these outside voices and tuning into your own inner voice. The soul to me is my connection
with God. Fully focused on living from a place of love & light – and sharing that energy with the world.



In what way do you lead a conscious life in caring for the planet?

Living in harmony with nature is very important to me. Also being conscious of everything you eat and buy. Keeping my own consumerism in check. And I love collaborating with holistic or conscious brands or companies to create awareness around our planet.



Who or what has been a big inspiration for you throughout your life?

 I learned alot from books. In the meantime written by Iyanla Vanzant is the first book that led me to the path of conscious living. But I also learn a lot from music heroes like Nina Simone & Bill Withers. I love surrounding myself with people who love life and create beauty in this world. I love passionate people and I see those people everyday. In real life or just online. There is a lot of inspiration out there – and I’m aware of that.

What kind of person do you hope you will have become once
you look back upon your life?

All I want is to share love & light. And to be of service in this world. I hope the universe, God, my ancestors will guide me towards where I am needed in life. To fulfill that purpose would be a blessing.




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February 2021