“I believe life itself is my greatest source of inspiration.”

The Slow Five with Michael Pilarczyk

What you imagine you become . That is the belief of Michael Pilarczyk – writer and speaker on consciousness, personal success, meditation and mindset. During a sailing trip of 4 years, Michael came to many spiritual insights. After meeting multiple spiritual teachers, Michael realized that a mission was waiting for him – to convey his philosophy and strategy for a happy and successful existence to others. Michael is now the author of Dancing in Heaven and Master Your Mindset – based on his life experience and the wisdom of his many teachers. Michael founded the Mastermind Academy with his girlfriend Cindy Koeman. They also want to make the world more beautiful and loving with their meditation app – Meditation Moments. Inspired by Michael’s conviction, we wanted to know what a conscious life actually means to him.


What’s your general idea of a conscious lifestyle?

Being able to see and feel very well what is happening. Perception without judgment, do not let your feelings and thoughts cloud by your conditioning and outside noise.

In what way do you lead a conscious life regarding body, mind & soul?

Be honest, with yourself and with others. So don’t just think and want to live and eat healthy, but actually do it. Soul is a very complex thing. It doesn’t make much sense to bother with that if you don’t yet understand body and mind. And mind is not easy either. But I wrote a book about that, Master Your Mindset.

I try to eat as healthy as possible, so plenty of vegetables and fruit throughout the week. I regularly eat raw vegetables, at least a lot of vegetables, salads, fruit, but also sometimes pasta or Indian. Thai or a satay. I drink about 3 liters of water a day. I move, by walking, doing stretching exercises throughout the day (short but doing it), breathing exercises, and of course my meditation moments. I no longer worry so easily about business, what others do and think does not interest me, I’m concerned about myself and not about others. I spend my time as efficiently as possible, I work many hours, a lot on the app in recent months , but I do so with attention. So everything I do, I do with as much attention as possible and I don’t get distracted. And I regularly take time to clear my mind and really think about things so that I can receive insights and promptings. And that requires peace and quiet.

In what way do you lead a conscious life regarding the planet?

We live very much with and in nature. So we are much more connected to nature than most people. I also look very much at patterns in nature and try to live that way. Accept that something dies and passes. And understand that everything is in motion. Trying to keep an old, almost dead tree alive is against nature. And anything that is unnatural creates resistance. That is why there is a lot of resistance in our world, we live too little according to the laws of nature.

Who or what has always been an inspiration for you throughout your life?

There are many. Many teachers, but I also get a lot of inspiration and learning from what I see around me every day, what is happening in the world, how people think and react, a valuable source of wisdom. And if you want names; Alan Watts, Napoleon Hill, Wayne Dyer, Rajshree Patel, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Dan Peña and Egon Massink. But I believe life itself is the greatest source of inspiration for me. You have the greatest gift in your hands, which you know will not last. Make the most of it, Live Your Most Beautiful Life! And that’s what I’ve always done, do and always will do.

What kind of person do you hope you will have become once you look back upon your life?

I look back and forward every day. I am very content with who I am at the moment. And when you’re content, you are happy and fulfilled. I have learned a lot, gained a lot of insights, a lot of knowledge and wisdom. That is a great thing. But the learning process was long and not always easy. And that I can pass on that knowledge to many other people, that’s also a nice gift. That gives my life even more meaning, because now I am able to help many thousands of people on their way to ‘their most beautiful life’.


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Pics – Michael Pilarczyk
April 2021