“For me, a conscious life is the opposite of being lived by others.”

The Slow Five with Giel Beelen

The feeling that you can get more out of life. That inspired perhaps the best-known radio DJ in the Netherlands, Giel Beelen to start the platform Kukuru. Its purpose: looking for what inspires people to want to live a spiritual life in order to connect. After his many insights, we were curious what a conscious life looks like according to Giel himself.
Full of enthusiasm, Giel tells us about his special vision.

What’s your general idea of a conscious life?

For me, a conscious life is the opposite of being lived by others. Taking matters into your own hands and looking down on your own life with a helicopter view. Being able to look at yourself and your environment without wanting to change anything right at that moment. Literally becoming aware of the life you lead.

In what way do you lead a conscious life regarding body, mind & soul?

My awareness started a few years ago when I wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t really know what to do with it back then. I also had this modest but growing belly, and of course I knew what to do about thát! I started exercising a lot and it automatically made me feel happier. I realized you could train anything. Because of this, I also started to eat healthier. I would feel really unhappy if I only ate unhealthy foods, ultimately it remains the fuel for your body. And of course there are times when I eat something that’s not good for me, but then at least I’m aware of it.

When we talk about mind, I automatically think about meditation. A word I tried to avoid for a long time because I had all kinds of associations with it. But meditation is really what makes me aware of everything each morning. The soul automatically goes along with it. Soul to me stands for intuition, a kind of primal source. Your soul is always there. People can help you discover it, but it’s there anyway. I believe that when you train your body and mind, it automatically connects you to your soul.

In what way do you lead a conscious life regarding the planet?

To be honest, for a while I was quite recalcitrant when it comes to the climate. I liked to say that I’m ‘against the climate’ – but of course that’s not possible. It’s just have no illusions. I eat almost exclusively vegan. That’s a way to contribute to the world and it gives me a good feeling, but in the end I eat vegan primarily because it makes me feel better. I just don’t have the illusion that I’m not leaving behind a footprint. I think it’s a subject that makes people feel so guilty – as if you can no longer extract oxygen from this planet. I’m secretly consciously working on it, and actually I’m a little disappointed that I’m still not driving an electric car. But I think above all we need to look at the bigger picture, at entire industries for example. Self-care is just as important to me, and if that means that you want to shower a little longer, then you should just do that.

Who has been a big inspiration for you throughout your life?

Literally anyone can inspire you and I believe everyone does. In fact, worse examples may well be better examples. Kukuru came on my path at a time when I was not feeling well, because of this I have met many inspiring people. Michael Pilarczyk is someone who has inspired me incredibly. I didn’t read many books, but when a friend gave me Michaels’ first book, so much changed. Soon names like Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle and many others followed.

Because of my Catholic upbringing, we used to go to church regularly. There, I always thought it was crazy that everyone was looking at a statue on the altar, while I thought – why isn’t everyone looking at each other? Isn’t God in everyone? In that respect I also found Jesus inspiring because I think that was his message. So every now and then the phrase ‘What would Jesus do?’ comes up. Without there being a religious aspect to it, I think it sounds bigger than it is. The stories are just very inspiring.

Ultimately, I also believe that you can inspire yourself. Suddenly, you start seeing things in yourself that make you question –  where did that come from? To me, that remains very special.

What kind of person do you hope
you will have become once you will look back on your life?

I hope to look back on an innovator, a media pioneer and a connecting, opportunity-giving man. Someone who has been financially independent, addiction-free, inspiring and a learning great friend. By innovator I mainly mean to keep trying things, even if it doesn’t work out. It can’t go wrong, it can at most change into something else or lead to new insights.


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September 2021