“Absolute happiness can arise from satisfaction.”

The Slow Five with Dennis Storm

Former TV Host Dennis Storm used to travel the world showing audiences in the Netherlands what life was like in the rarest places. The more he traveled, the more conscious Dennis became of what was happening to our planet. He realized something had to be done. He quit his job and starting living a minimalist lifestyle. He wrote two inspiring books; Weg Ermee (Get rid of it) &  Als gezond verstand Koning was (If common sense were King) – making his readers aware of what can be done to turn climate change around.

Dennis’ latest project is Club Kakatua – a platform raising money through donations & selling giftcards for a greener world- making sure 100% of what is raised is actually spent on projects. Restoring rainforests, protecting rhinos or even turning your local deserted business park into a forest: the initiative accomodates a wide array of possible domains. As Your Souldier recently collaborated with Club Kakatua, we got to ask Dennis a few questions about his views on a conscious lifestyle.


What’s your general idea of a conscious lifestyle?

Living by simple values. That happiness can be found in the little things: it’s not about how much money you can make, but about getting out of bed to go to work feeling happy. Life is about contentment, simple happiness and health. Not about money, success or power.



In what way do you lead a conscious life regarding body, mind & soul?

Regarding my body, I eat healthy (which also includes occasional cheat meals), I exercise 4 times a week and I meditate every day, often at the end of the afternoon. That way, I wrap up the working day and I start the evening in peace. These things are also good for your mental health. I live with the aim of striving for satisfaction, because absolute happiness can arise from satisfaction. Therefore, I manage my time well, with plenty of room for the essentials: family, friends, hobbies, sports and leisure. And of course work – being at peace with the work you do, to not get into something with reluctance is incredibly important. There’s no salary in the world high enough to make up for lost time.


In what way do you lead a conscious life regarding the planet?

With my books I try to contribute to a greener, healthier planet. Simply by trying to show readers the beauty of minimalism. I am also part of Club Kakatua, a charity that launches green projects worldwide. These projects range from protecting the Rhino in Africa to restoring the rainforest in Brazil to simply removing plastic from the sea in Asia to expanding forests in Europe.



Who has been a big inspiration for you throughout your life?

To be honest, I don’t have an example I’ve been following for years. To me, Bill Gates has been an absolute hero ever since his retirement from Microsoft. David Attenborough, for having the guts to take a stand in the climate debate as the face of the BBC. I guess there are a dozen writers and entrepreneurs I appreciate and admire for their accomplishments, but it’s not like I’ve been following someone for years and took their life as an example for living mine.

What kind of person do you hope
you will have become once you will look back on your life?

As someone who can look back with satisfaction on a life in which he sometimes made mistakes, but ultimately chose to pursue that simple happiness.




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November 2020