“A simpler life gives so much more.”

The Slow Five with Tess Milne

With an open mind, TV host Tess Milne has been committed to a better world for years. With an honest heart, Tess shows what a healthy lifestyle can mean for herself and the planet. Fully convinced that if we do everything together, a lot can change. In an inspiring conversation, Tess shares her vision of a conscious life with us.

What’s your general idea of a conscious lifestyle?

For me, a conscious life is mainly about staying connected with the things around me. Sounds crazy – but sometimes I say ‘hello’ to the plants that are next to me at that moment. We are so overwhelmed with our thoughts that we are constantly stuck in our heads. About things that don’t really matter – appointments, to-do’s that we have no control over, you name it. Returning to that what is actually present around you, that’s conscious living to me. A big part of that conscious life are my two little kids – they take me into the moment anyway. And yes, that can also be in the middle of the night ..!

But also awareness of what you are wearing or what you are using – knowing that it comes from somewhere and that there is a story behind it. When I was a teenager, it was normal to wear something new every week, because wearing the same outfit twice on Friday evening was not done. Also, in the television world and the gala’s that came along – of course you didn’t want to be seen twice in the same dress. It felt like it was not allowed. And then, I think about 6-7 years ago, the green fire started burning in my heart. I met Dennis Karpes and Wessel van Eeden from Justdiggit . They told me a story about earth and their mission to make the earth in Africa green again using an old technique. I have no idea what happened but their story really got to me – I was completely overwhelmed! Because with this topic you reach so much more. If it is green there, people can work, people can eat, and children can go to school. And the same applies here in the Netherlands. As a result, sustainability has a more positive future for our children. Sounds logical but it gave me a very liberating feeling! It’s great that I can and want to wear my clothes more often, just like a prom dress. That liberating feeling comes from the simplicity of things, of wanting less. A simpler life gives so much more.

In what way do you lead a conscious life regarding body, mind & soul?

Nutrition is very important to me. This is mainly because I have a thyroid imbalance, so I experience the positive effects of what good food does to you more than ever. But small moments are also important to me. I try to start my days with a quote from The Bowl of Saki – a book full of spiritual quotes. This in combination with a cappuccino with oat milk on a bench in the garden – my ultimate happiness moment. These are little moments that I just appropriated for myself and they make me so happy and aware of everything. I also try to get some exercise every day. That can be running or walking through the woods – as long as I’m outside and hear the birds chirping.

In what way do you lead a conscious life regarding the planet?

I hope that by living the life that I think if we all did it that way, it would go in the right direction. I’m not the one who recycles her toilet paper – because yes, those people do exist. I believe that if we all do something, it adds up. I apply the bigger lines in my life. We drive a hybrid car and have solar panels on the roof of our new house, which is built almost energy-neutral. My mindset has changed compared to a few years ago. If I don’t have something now, I won’t go straight to the store to buy it. Instead of that store, I walk up to the attic to see what we have left. At Christmas we give second-hand gifts from our house because we have collected so many beautiful things over the years. When I buy products I always try to go for the sustainable option. Can I always do that? No, but usually I do. We also hope to pay off our mortgage as soon as possible and who knows, to create a self-sufficient home – less burdens, more satisfaction and more freedom.

Who has been a big inspiration for you throughout your life?

100% my mom! First of all, she put me on this earth and since I experienced childbirth myself, of course I have even more respect for her … But her knowledge and way of life also inspire me. When we were little, my mother started her own landscaping business, which was pretty special at the time. Now that I have a garden of my own, I am so impressed by what she knows. From all the plants to the soil, I learn so much from her.

What kind of person do you hope
you will have become once you will look back on your life?

I hope to look back on someone who hasn’t run away for her life. That I have not missed the golden moments – the moments where nothing really happens but everything at the same time. I hope I didn’t run through life without consciously doing it. That I enjoyed everything that is important – all the moments in between – together with my little ones and husband. I hope to look back at those moments with complete satisfaction.



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May 2021